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this is one of the best indie games I've ever played although it has a lot of bugs, its still extremely fun.

thanks for the post hoped u like it.. :)


this game must be interesting

Y dont u try it..


This one looks promising... Unlike the other Copy/Pastes this one has some real Effort put into it Keep up the good work and you can meke this into a Very good game. I would be more than happy to help you with this if you wanted, Keep it up!


You are the first person to ever give me a good post...i really appreciated it.


hello developer how i can build?

u ant go to the inventory by pressing (e) and then you will see a button on the inventory as craft

Hi ironcladswag you said all your games are 32-bit but there is a 64-bit.The 64-bit game is a primitive can you please make a 32-bit in that game


it litterally is just unitz


The singleplayer is kinda confusing. Where do you find metal fragments and all that other stuff.

u can the metal fragment and some other things in the town. U can also get some new guns there


Where do you get mteal fragments though?

u can check them in the houses.


Another UnitZ copy/paste. Don't even have to open it to know this.